Any emotional response, I have to capture!

I love great films and stills and the art of telling a story through images. Witnessing raw emotions unfold before my very eyes, always fosters an emotional response that and I know I have to capture it. Embellishing and blending it all together, as it occurs. THAT! is the best part of my job as a Baltimore MD Wedding Photographer. Documenting those unscripted beautiful human emotional moments that occurs at this family celebrations of which I am fortunate enough to be a part of.

Its my pleasure and an extraordinary honor of which I am always in awe of. Because after the cake, after the kiss and after the dance the memories of the day lives in the photographs forever after.

Michael King, Baltimore MD Wedding Photographer
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We take our time to document every aspect of your most special day to give you the photographs you would expect and even exceed your expectations to give you images you never would have imagined. That is why "The most special memories of your life should only be trusted to the best eyes in the business. Eyes of Michael Photography".